LED Lighting upgrades

LED Lighting upgrades

About 80% of the buildings today have lighting systems that were designed 20 or more years ago. If your home fits into that category, you might want to think about upgrade options. You can reduce energy usage and get better results from your lighting fixtures.

Many people have spot lights in kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms and groups of incandescent bulbs generate a lot of heat quickly and which can become overwhelming.

For example, in a kitchen with ten spot lights burning fifty watt bulbs for an hour would give off wonderful light, but also enough heat to make the room uncomfortable when added to the heat from an oven, hob or range.

Replacing the current incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs would reduce the heat output significantly, reduce electricity bills by one tenth and cut down on the need for regular, difficult and costly replacement, making LED bulbs an excellent upgrade choice. LED bulbs can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications

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